new beginnings.

Happy June!

Why is it that at the beginning of the year, we are so fired up, ambitious and excited to start anew with the setting of new goals and New Year’s Resolutions?


Then, what happens? Life happens. We get bogged down with day-to-day work and responsibilities. Things tugging at our heart and head strings asking us to focus on that most important project. Now.

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Life as I knew it might still be the same. Those old habits that I was trying to reform keep coming back to haunt me. Falling asleep on the couch cuddling with that special someone because it feels oh so good, but it is oh so bad for my shoulders which always hurts afterwards. Eating those coconut oil chips for dessert because they are made out of sweet potatoes and coconut oil, all things that are good for me. But c’mon, do I need to eat a bag every single night? And, now that I’ve discovered a healthier version of ice cream, coconut ice cream, does it really mean that eating healthy ice cream every single night will help me get to my highfalutin fitness goals?


Time to take personal inventory.

Is there something you coulda shoulda woulda done in these past six months of this year? It is never too late to change something and do something, even just one thing differently. Then, suddenly you’re on a different path to a new way, a new outcome, a new habit.

Can we pretend that June 1st 2016 to December 31st 2016 is a brand new year? And if so, which “just one” habit do you want to transform?

Can we choose today to create our own beginning, middle and end of our own story? This new chapter begins here and now, and forget about the last six months where you promised yourself you would get up every twenty minutes to stretch. Forget about the productivity app you were so excited to use that now buzzes over and over and over, but you try to ignore it.  Forget about the countless apps you tried to download that were supposed to help you keep track of time. Forgotten time could be redefined as “lost time” that was trying to find you to wake you up to another time where you don’t have to beat yourself up—for yet more time passing without knowing where the time went. Are you getting how deep this goes?

Of course I’m talking about myself here … I was overly ambitious—again—when I started this new year! A friend laughed when I showed her what was on my Productive app: posture, lemon water, stretch, pray, call Mom, gratitude, walk, meditate!

I think it comes down to how much do I want to change my old habits and adhere to my new ones? How important is it for me to fall asleep in the comfort of a bed rather than falling asleep on the couch? The truth is: I never want the day to end.

Yet today, once again, I have hope.

It’s the first day of June (and can I pretend it’s the first of me/June?)!!!

Do I need to worry about the time that has passed where I didn’t do my posture exercises every single day or stand up every single hour? At this point in time, is it worth it for me to lament what I coulda shoulda done?

Life happened and I will be okay.

Starting today, I promise to be more kind and gentle to myself, and that prompts me to add that as a “habit” to my list—be more kind and gentle to yourself, June.

I realize that changing “just one” habit doesn’t have to be a monumental and seemingly difficult goal, but it’s more about taking one day at a time, doing what we can and doing our best, being kind and gentle to ourselves for our shortcomings, while celebrating just one victory at a time.

Then, I have hope that even though it is not technically the beginning of the new year, I will start anew and do some things I have promised to do for a long time. Organize my digital photos so I can use them for my blog posts. Declutter my productivity apps that are making me feel guilty. Touch the workout clothes in my closet that feel raggedy and worn, and let go, perhaps activating a new workout routine. Let go of the “heavy” jewelry in my closet that has been sitting there because I’ve been wearing lighter pieces. Touch and let go of the various mini-makeup bags that I held onto hoping they would serve as terrific organizing tools. Assess my fitness goals and adjust them, making friends with my body again rather than cursing it to continue the Insanity series, because every time I start it up again, my body seems to hurt somewhere.

Today, once again, I have hope. It’s June 1st and today feels as great as any other day to begin anew.


Here’s hoping that all of you continue to have hope for your lives … that every single day will look brighter. That you will get better and better in some way and be filled with newfound hope and inspiration to change something that isn’t working, let go of a bad habit, and create space for a healthy lifestyle that best serves you.

Honor your TruthLoveMeaningPurpose in every way, even with your goals, habits and resolutions. Keep what works and let go of the rest.





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