just one.

Just one.

I’m fascinated by this “just one” concept so much that more than ten years ago when I began writing my book, I started with the sentence above.

Yet, when I was younger, I would try to do all of it—all at once. Not just one at a time, but all at once, I would try and activate all of the changes.

At the beginning of the year, I would have HIGH HOPES for major changes, activated by numerous changes in every arena of my life. Organized by category, I would set out with new goals based on my personal inventory and assessment of what had transpired the year prior.

Now, I still do this to this day and look forward to revisiting the goals, but they don’t come as a surprise to me by year’s end because month to month, I’m assessing and evaluating, shifting and re-calibrating the steps to each goal. And, most importantly, now I focus on just one step I could be taking towards each goal.

Because of what I’ve witnessed in my own life and having coached many to the successful achievement of their goals, whether it’s being in an intimate relationship with a significant other to getting married, or losing weight, getting healthy and doing a triathlon, or decluttering useless stuff and letting go of storage units, to remodeling a kitchen that has been on the to-do list for 5 years, to changing careers and increasing money inflows, all change is possible.

Hope. You must have an inkling of hope that would inspire you to even believe in the change and act upon the things that will create that change.

Believe. You must believe that change is possible.

Just One. You must act upon “just one” to activate a change that can set off a domino effect of other changes.

You touch that corner of unopened boxes from your last relationship to let go of sad love letters, and suddenly there is a flurry of calls from potential suitors.

You touch the pantry of canned goods and cereals, and you let go of the unhealthy sugary ones that make you feel bloated, and suddenly you feel energized to buy a green smoothie at the café rather than your usual donut.

You touch the 10,000 emails in your inbox and decide to go through them, one at a time, to trash or respond to, and one email to an old colleague triggers a slew of communications that leads to your next writing gig.

Touch just one.

Act upon just one.

Just one relationship.

Just one box.

Just one act.

It only takes JUST ONE to make a difference in your life.

Watch the ripple effect transform your life, with just one thing at a time.

Just one miracle is all that is needed to radically transform your life today.

Believe. Hope. Just One.

My #justone goal this year is walking 10,000 steps a few times a week, inspired by my mom. I thought walking was for older folks. Oh right, I’m older now … and wiser.


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