the art of journaling.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a “journal” or notebook to house my ideas, to-do’s, goals, dreams, pictures held within and without.

A sacred home for stretching my imagination, expanding my spirit, transcending where I’m at now.

A special place to house my TruthLoveMeaningPurpose.

A container for letting go.

A page for decluttering clutter within mind-body-spirit.

My dad told me, “I know you’re smart but you won’t remember everything so you gotta jot it down…” so I would keep a journal.

Through the years, “journaling” took on a life of its own.

From remembrance of important events or memorializing memories of special loved ones, processing and self-therapy about a broken heart, jotting down business ideas, writing stream of consciousness poetry, remembering artist date venues to visit, journaling these “of the moment” God whispers, winks & shouts was an act of self-love.

Who cares if the idea is not acted upon—just now? The point is just get it on the page because: Your life is important. What you think, dream about, envision is significant. The vision may be coming once—to you, and only you—for you to notice, and perhaps take action upon. Who knows when inspiration will strike next? Must document it. Your job is not question why or when?

Just. Journal.

What are the lessons learned? What do I need to improve upon? Whom do I need to write to thank? What am I grateful for? What is coming through that must be expressed?

Stop whatever is going on and journal. Journal. Jot. Scribble. Just get it on the page.

To me, writing down whatever is coming through means: I’m still alive, kicking, screaming, evolving, transforming, here.

Like a pinch or slap, writing it down—on cool textured paper or smooth paper, with a special pen is a significant act—a stamp on your life.

Yes, indeed, your life is a work of art.

Journals in whatever shape or form have always been a “special home” to store that moment’s ideas, dreams, goals, visions, stories and have always been an important part of my life.

Just sharing with you a sacred ritual that begins now at the end of the year and continues throughout the year —here’s a snippet of what I curated from a recent field trip to two stationery stores specializing in “fine things” related to the art of journaling.

Thank you to Hermes, Flax Pen to Paper, Baum-kuchen, Kinokuniya, Lamy, and Pilot pens for elevating my passion for the art of journaling.

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