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You are already a masterpiece.

Have you ever wanted to know the secret to creating a life you love? How do you discern what’s really standing in your way of becoming all you were born to be? In Behind the Clutter, June Saruwatari opens her home and her heart to reveal the transformative decluttering approach that has kept her in demand as a lifestyle, business & relationship coach, and professional organizer to investment bankers, attorneys, judges, artists, politicians, writers, rabbis, university professors, doctors, mothers, children, Hollywood producers, and celebrities. The key to your best life is to master the spaces of your body, mind, soul, and heart, and let go of the clutter within and without. In this part spiritual memoir, part self-help book, June vulnerably and relentlessly examines her own internal and external “stuff” through her unique fourfold lens of TruthLoveMeaningPurpose™:

• TRUTH: What is the truth of my current situation?
• LOVE: Do I absolutely love this?
• MEANING: What is the meaning of this for me?
• PURPOSE: What purpose does this serve in my life?

With fearlessness, vulnerability, and childlike enthusiasm, June digs deep to uncover the thoughts, feelings, memories, and beliefs that lay behind the clutter—and shares effective strategies to identify both internal and external clutter, let it go, and create space for miracles. As you go behind the clutter with June as your guide, you’ll discover that you are your own best expert at designing your life, learn to apply your own TruthLoveMeaningPurpose to all the “stuff” of life, and uncover the masterpiece of yourself that’s been there all along.

June Saruwatari is a nationally renowned lifestyle & business coach, productivity & organizing consultant, and inspirational speaker. The co-host of TLC’s first season of Home Made Simple, June has appeared on The Nate Berkus Show and has contributed to publications such as Woman’s Day and Practically Posh.

Behind the Clutter is a thought-provoking and attitude-shifting book. It is more than a book; it is a way of living life in a more enriching way, leaving you thinking about the truth, love, meaning, and purpose behind your actions—and stuff!” 


Debra Jay,
nationally recognized bestselling author of Love First and It Takes a Family

“I love Behind the Clutter! I am always on the go and don't have a lot of free time, so this book made me look deep into my soul and understand why I saved the things I saved and helped me let go of "stuff" that was just taking up space in my closet and my life.” 


Amanda Leesburg,
media strategist and expert  

Behind The Clutter is amazzzziiiiigggg!!!! Honestly, I loaded it on my iPad last night and I can't seem to put it down. I love how vulnerable you've allowed yourself to be, and getting to know you on a deeper level is so exciting for me as a reader. 

It also validates a lot of the things I say to my clients, and the self-exploratory work I do with them. It's just nice to see it articulated so clearly. Your words are so encouraging and motivating. I can hear your voice as I read them and it makes me feel enthusiastic about going through more of my things and streamlining them. There's not much here at the condo to get rid of, as we have been so mindful of what we bring in. But the minute I get home, I'm going through everything I have in storage with fresh eyes. This is how your words have affected me. And I'm only on page 104! 

You are going to help sooooo many people with this book June! Your message is sooooo needed right now. Girl, you are gonna change the world! I'm sooooo proud of you and privileged to be your friend. Have fun on your tour. You are a rock star! I can't wait to see you fly.


Hellen Buttigieg,
CPO® / Certified Professional Organizer® / life coach / tv host / Neat TV

I believe Behind The Clutter is a very special book—far more than just a book on decluttering and organizing. It is an intense spiritual journey that has the potential to take readers to the core of who they really are, and it gives them the tools and strategies to declutter the internal beliefs that are the true cause of whatever physical clutter they see around them. June spent over ten years writing this book, honing the process and making sure each step truly took the reader deeper into the real issues of why we get cluttered in the first place, and each chapter addressed a unique angle—based on her own high-profile work with top professionals, business owners, and celebrities.

When I did the initial manuscript review, I tried hard to counsel her to cut the length in half and make it a more practical, how-to book about decluttering our homes and businesses. But June was certain about the value of her process and invited me to try the exercises myself as I was editing, and suspend disbelief and immerse myself in the process.

What a gift! It began a transformative journey for me that truly changed my life. It helped me see that my home and office was cluttered because I didn’t truly value the physical—I thought it was less important than the “mental” work I do for authors, for instance. June’s book really helped me see that I was turning into a wraith in front of the computer! If the book was a short, simple, easy, how-to declutter book, I would have never had the opportunity to have that kind of insight that will help me stay decluttered, because now I see how much the physical world is connected to the intellectual and even the spiritual world.

The target audience—busy and disorganized people like me—may be looking for a short, easy book on decluttering when that’s not actually what they need!

Yes, this book is much longer than the typical how-to books on this topic because it isn’t a how-to book. It’s truly an experience that can take years to unfold—and June walks the reader through exactly how it unfolded for her, in all its multifaceted ways. I’m confident many readers will benefit from June’s specific style and guidance.”


Amanda Rooker,
owner, SplitSeed Writing, Editing, and Publishing Strategy / editor of Behind the Clutter

June is a woman after my heart. I enjoyed Behind The Clutter SO much. I had to exercise great restraint while proofreading from making personal comments—like: “Oh my God! I’m throwing my wedding album in the trash NOW. And the underwear chapter is sheer genius; every woman will relate. I plan on buying about 10 copies for my friends. Seriously.


owner of Zen Media Works / proofreader for Behind the Clutter

I have to share with you that I just got back from grocery shopping with my new purse system I created with one of your exercises from your book, Behind The Clutter. You will probably not be surprised to know that my old, regular purse had a broken snap (it couldn't even close!), was filled with a ton of business cards and loyalty cards I never used but kept in my fat bulging wallet (just in case!), etc. It was stuffed too full and was hard to use. But I was too busy to mess with my purse, right? :) But when I came to your exercise, I dumped it all out and put everything I didn't use into a tray for me to sort through later (one step at a time!), and I bought a new patterned wallet that caught my eye the next time I was at Target. I love boho chic - I would have everything covered in colorful Indian and paisley and Middle Eastern patterns if I could. (But I also have three guys who want their man cave -everything black, brown, and white.) The wallet I found was very boho chic and fun to look at. Then I went to Clothes Mentor (the local upscale consignment shop that has a lot of like-new designer stuff) and got a big sac-style purse that is all swirly sage, electric blue, black, and white - which was the total opposite of my little brown leather purse! It has a lot of individual compartments, so my keys, purse, makeup, mints, and shopping list/coupons each had a home all to themselves.  I loved shopping with it! My list and coupons were easy to find. My keys and phone were easy to find. It's a pretty cavernous purse, but I am loving all the room and spaciousness for now. What I like is that I can easily throw in a book or Kindle or journal or magazine, and everything fits and is still in its place. Maybe someday I'll buy a smaller purse for quick outings, but wow - it didn't take long at all, and now I love using my purse. Just another testimonial about how doing the exercises from your book has really changed my life - one little daily activity at a time…”


mother / professional writer

This is not a typical how-to declutter and organize book in the most common sense. June goes deeper to the significance of stuff and thoughts your life is made of. The emotions attached to items and how stuff can help move one forward or anchor and hold you back.

The author bases her system on TruthLoveMeaningPurpose. She addresses our thoughts and even fears, including fear of making wrong decisions. She defines the cost of an item or even a bargain in not only the financial valuation but also the commitment of time and space it takes. Included are exercises and a challenge to help you better understand how you relate to your stuff and how it serves or hinders your life.

One of the best ideas she writes about is to consider your physical space as an extension of yourself and your personality. Deal with things NOW, you don't have any other time, use your things daily,don't wait for "special" times.

I did get a free Netgalley copy in exchange for my own opinion.


Amazon reader and Net Galley reviewer, gave the book five stars on

This is an attitude shifting book, a way of living, how you perceive truth, love and the meaning and purpose behind your actions. Look into your soul. It’s about letting go of life and objects. The foundation of you, your life, feeling grounded and creating a balance and a journey of purpose. Loved this type of book, most educational. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A MUST READ BOOK.


Pam Thomas,
Net Galley Reviewer gave this book five out of five stars

Five star review.


Mike Michelson,
Net Galley Reviewer gave this book five out of five stars

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the book.  Awesome. Can't say enough. So many thoughts. It totally took me to a different world just thinking. Too much thinking. Of course, so many things I wish I had known before. As soon as I got it this afternoon, I started reading it and couldn't put it down. I had to stop because we went out to dinner with my parents.

I have to say it really makes you think about so many things, and I can't remember what parts, but some parts just were pretty emotional .... oh!  I LOVED the part where you wrote about what you loved! All the little things. The paragraph where you start with I love my life. I love...I love... Do you know, that is how I think so many times? I immediately want to start a "I love my life page! I started to think how throughout the day I love so many simple and little things. I love it when the moon is full and bright. I love sitting in my home office with a candle burning and I have roses from my garden on the desk. I love my morning coffee ritual with my husband. I love it when the kids give me a hug and say I love you (still melts my heart). 

This morning I shared quite a few things with my husband about your book. We talked almost 2 hours about so many things you brought up and he thinks you are so right and so brilliant. I told him these are our reminders.

He loved two things I shared. My first favorite one  ( I have so many and book marked 11 things for sure). Pg. 26.  You are just so on target about "What do you not have control over?"  I need to keep remembering this. Also, he loved the 24 hours in a day and the 86000 ? seconds you can't take back.  Also, the "don't compare" chapter. You are going to laugh...but I immediately started comparing myself to your mom and all you wrote about her ...and I started to feel like such an incompetent mom...and then I started laughing when I read this chapter about not comparing!!!!! And then I smiled and said, you are right. I know deep down I am a good mom, and what makes me most proud is that I know that my kids do respect and admire the fact that I have an amazing and respected career, and I am very active with their activities and PTA and mommy stuff.

The book is beautiful. You message is just so beautiful and powerful and so inspiring.  I have so many post its and highlights already. The book is SOOOO easy to read and reads fast. I really could not put it down. I already know I am going to have "June quotes" all over the place as reminders.  

Then, just this morning, while I'm driving to work stuck in traffic … wow! I just can't stop thinking about all that stuff you wrote. It's still on my mind and  all I can think about is ... I need to get the clutter out of my mind and to get rid of some stuff. I'm also agreeing with your forgiveness and gratitude chapters.

Your book is so powerful.   Thank you for writing it!

p.s.  I wanted to mention that I LOVE the Table of Contents because this is sooo helpful when I look up certain topics (I already did this a few times, especially when I was sharing with my husband). So clever. So reader friendly.

p.p.s. The following day, I almost emailed you again earlier, but i didn't want to bombard you again.  I just wanted to say I had a wonderfully fantastic day. It was weird.  I felt "light"....really!  Before I got to work, I had lots of time to just think about many things you wrote.  I had a fantastic day and nothing special really was the energy of you and your book.


mother / wife / business owner

I LOVVVEE YOUR BOOK! Wow, talk about honesty!!! it.  I am completely inspired!!!


Cindy Johnson,
attorney / etiquette expert / The Art of Etiquette & Protocol