While taking in the glorious view of Santa Monica beach during a “fresh air” break today, it made me pause in awe & wonder at the magnificent sun.
Have I been taking you for granted and worrying that I don’t have enough sunscreen on to shield your powerful rays?

Today I read about you and found out that you’ve been with us for a billion-plus years, and will outlive everybody here on Earth. You are a star at the center of the solar system and you consistently shine your rays every single day, staying calm & centered while we orbit around you on Planet Earth. Wow! Thank you for being a shining example for us as you have been consistently living your unique #TruthLoveMeaningPurpose for billions of years, shining your bright rays of light every single day. What would we do without you??? Thank you, Sun.

Like Sun, be a shining star of your own universe, consistently shining your light wherever you go, never dimming it for one second. Stay grounded & centered today while you let others orbit around your unique life.

#Justone shift in perspective & gratitude can be the just one inspiration you need to change your life permanently. Just one at a time and see your world transform. #MondayMotivation

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