Messages are everywhere if we choose to see them, prompting us & guiding us to our next steps. As I’ve learned over and over again, sometimes the lessons pick us to be explored and learned so they can transform us from the inside out. On the way to dinner the other day, we suddenly pushed the pause button, decided to veer from the routine, and do something different.


I know I know, you’re all probably thinking, everybody walks. My mom walks one hour every morning and at least 10,000 steps a day. I walk when I’m traveling in NYC or Europe. I walk from valet a few steps into the restaurant. I walk when I have to do—to shop. And I walk to talk and connect with Mr M after a busy day.

Yes, I’ve done marathons and walked in between mile-long runs but that to me doesn’t really count as ‘pure walking.’ So I will admit to you that—yes, I’m THAT L.A. GIRL who drives to the gym or to workout, and then I work out strenuously sprinting or haha, walking on the treadmill or in a class, but walk back to my car, parked as close as possible to wherever I’m going.

But to walk somewhere far, far away seems like “work” and not “play” …

So you can imagine my reaction when this day in which it was earlier than usual and we had “extra time,” Mr M suggested he had a surprise workout planned for us that would be fun, and we would walk, instead of bike (which we often do) or drive (and battle traffic), to the new Bulletproof Café on Main Street near Venice all the way from Santa Monica, where we live.

I kicked and screamed and complained like a baby the first block knowing how much longer we had to go … I didn’t know how long it would take and I didn’t want to know how many miles it is because it would psych me out of wanting to do it. Okay, I’m entitled to act like a baby – for a moment – hey, I’m human. I will admit that, yes, like a child, I kept on asking, “Are we there yet?”

HOWEVER, when I decided to shift my perspective and pretend as if Santa Monica is a brand new city I’ve been to for the very first time (as a traveler) and just explore to see what happens, I got powerful messages all along the way. Hey, isn’t this a lot like being a caveman? In those days, they walked foraging for food, or sprinting after animals to get their food.

So this started a journey through the streets of Santa Monica, exploring and learning about the new places that have sprouted and sprung up just a hop, skip and jump away from the place we call home.

Ooooh, let me notice the tourists or locals walking through Palisades Park and see what they possibly see.

What a fantastic view of the ocean, beach, Malibu, Palos Verdes, Catalina, even the Pier … oooohh, look at all the fun rides & Ferris wheel! Look at all the people just sitting in the shade, reading a book. Look at all the people getting a tan sunning. How cute, all the couples taking photos on the cliffs. Whoa, lots of people are exercising and on their way to wellness—all shapes, sizes going at their own pace—walking, running, jogging, even in wheelchairs or strollers. Now, strolling on Ocean Avenue and through the Promenade, I see the street performers such as the silver bodybuilding dude painting his body, or the mariachi dancers/singers, the shoppers … The new Tongva Park in the middle of Santa Monica is breathtaking with its curvy swirly pathways on which I’ve ridden my bike but when you actually walk, you’re able to see the colorful flora, fauna & foliage and people hanging out. I guess I don’t need to go all the way to the desert to see some of these plants and hey, there’s a rock I can possibly meditate upon, or lay on or hug or rest LOL.  And, look at how much Main Street has changed with its cafes, boutiques and lots of Japanese food such as a musubi (rice ball) bar and ramen (noodle) shop… never would have seen this if I were driving…

Just as I’m getting tired and almost to our destination, I see somebody on a skateboard – and this person has no legs.

Wow. No excuses, June. No complaints.

Messages: Don’t ever take for granted your legs that serve you day after day after day, whether it’s walking 1 step or 16,000 steps (which we ended up doing 7.58 miles!).

Veer from the routine to shift your perspective. Don’t take for granted ever what’s in your own backyard. Sometimes you need to put on “new glasses” to shift your perspective and get powerful new messages for your journey.

Appreciate what you have. Appreciate what’s right in front of you. Take the time to pause, reflect, appreciate and see what’s right in front of you or within you or what you’ve been given – like legs that can walk, jog, stroll OR the desert landscape and foliage that doesn’t require water that’s growing beautifully in alignment with nature.



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