life is a trip.


Trip out.



Life is a trip.

Whether it’s planes, trains, or automobiles, trips can become parallel universes for the trips you’re taking within your soul, filled with messages, lessons, and insights if we are open to them.

If you really tune in to your “trip” and travels, you’ll see that there’s something going on beyond … more than meets the physical eye.

In this context, I’ve been tripping out at life for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s sitting under some pyramid to try reading my friend’s mind as a little girl, or practicing the “we are all connected” concept in a seminar, and tripping out at what I can detect that the other person is really thinking, dreaming, believing, I always trip out at how truly connected we are and how we can all intuit what is going on in the Universe if we choose. To me, it’s all about tuning into the vast universe–listening, seeing, watching and believing.

Believe we are on the grandest trip of our lives … when we choose to tune into all trips.

This last road trip up the California coast took me to edge of where I grew up, thinking and believing that life was one way, and it turning out another.


Did I trip up? Did I trip somehow and land here accidentally?

I don’t think so.

In this vast universe, there is free will. Free will to take action and/or not on anything that is happening right now.

On this trip, I again tuned in, more closely than ever before, more keenly, and observed my senses becoming more aware of the whisperings from the Universe.


Again. Again. Again.

I must be reminded that all of life is a giant trip I’m taking. Mini trips within bigger trips. Physical trips within mental trips. Emotional trips within physical trips.  And spiritual trips within all of those trips.

The tripping out and tripping is all part of this divine plan. To take me and my soul on the greatest trip of all.

2015-07-19 14.15.47

Here, as I stumbled upon and tripped onto this notch and nook along Highway 1, we pulled off to the side of the road, where there were no other cars. Yes, we just earlier had pulled over to one of those popular spots and “vista points” as well.

But as I tuned in during this particular part of the trip, something was leading me to certain “trip points,” to point out stuff I needed to know, or not know.

A quick glimpse of a beautiful glass modern home made me pull off to the side of the road. At first glance, the view was just as any other.

But a whispering said to not just take a photo and ‘snap snap snap’ away at this trip’s seemingly surface gorgeous sight, but dig deeper.

A small path lead us down to another path closer to the waves.

There was a field of wild flowers blossoming so beautifully on the rocks. A bright fuchsia flower amidst the sea grass. It all seemed so perfect.

Version 2

Was our trip arranged perfectly for me to witness this moment in time? Was this moment unlike any other in time?


What was the message?

Mesmerized by wild winds and wild wet waves of nature thrusting turquoise and white swirls of water onto million year old rocks, I realized then that we are specks in the vast wilderness of the Universe. Passing through life on this journey called My Life, any stopovers synchronize with Others’ Lives, and then it becomes Our Lives.

Why are we here?

To appreciate the subtle yet significant nuances of every person, place, or thing. To notice the beauty of moments that will never ever be the same.  To trip out at our trips, big and small, in childlike awe and wonder. To surrender to the mystery and the magically wild waves of life shaping our destiny.



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