mindset shift.

Happy 2016!!!

I’m excited to be a part of your journey, and wanted to wish you an incredible new year filled with magic, miracles, awe and wonder!

Just one.

It only takes just one act to create a miraculous ripple effect. Declutter just one item. Organize just one space. Reach out to just one person. Write just one letter. Do just one of those acts on your to-do list that you have been putting off. This year, be inspired to take just one action step towards whatever you’ve been meaning to do for a long time. This year, just one seemingly small act can make a difference in your life, others’ lives and create a ripple effect in the world.

This past Monday, I was honored to share a little of this “just one” inspiration with the viewers of Good Morning America.

What leads to decluttering and organizing success? A mindset shift. Realize that there is a connection between the external and internal clutter.

There are obviously many ways to declutter and transform your life so you can lead a life you love. I believe that just one way to make a radical change in your life is to get Behind The Clutter, honor your Truth.Love.Meaning.Purpose. in all areas of your life, and let go of the rest.

This year, let go of the guilt associated with the clothes you spent a lot of money on that you never wear. Let go of the guilt of not loving that outfit given to you by a loved one. Let go of the clutter that’s on your desktop that’s preventing you from being productive and creative. Sweep your surfaces to clear your mind, take a deep breath, decide what’s truly important, and then move back in with a clarity of purpose. Or, organize your project paperwork into folders. And, donate those clothes you feel guilt about that you’re never wearing, and give it away to somebody who will love it, appreciate it, and wear it with gratitude for the purpose it was intended! It only takes one act to suddenly be on a radically different path where you are inspired, empowered and energized to continue moving forward to a clutter-free life you love, love, love!

My hope for you this year is that JUST ONE regular dose of inspiration from me will help you in some way to live a better life, where every single day is filled with more happiness, love, laughter, supreme health, prosperity, faith and hope.

Sending you all an avalanche of miracles!

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