change. fast, fab & furious.

A lot has transpired since last year when I was reflecting upon the question, “What else can I let go of?”

It all started out with the idea of trying something new.

Just innocent organic coffee in a cube


I joked, “Whoa! Just grabbed everything I could potentially let go of if I made these coffee cubes my go-to morning ritual rather than guzzling down my bulletproof coffee every morn…”


I then flirted with the Universe some more and toyed with this idea, “Could I create and explore a new & different lifestyle of even more simplicity … and let go of even more as part of my declutter adventures?”

No joke.

I’ve said all along that just doing “some” thing differently, just one thing, can radically shift and change you and your life, and take you down a different path.

Of course, this “change” could happen fast, fab & furiously so I would inspire you to go for it with “change” as well.

Hello! I should know by now never to make seemingly random comments to the Universe as we are all powerful magnets. Be careful what you wish for and/or contemplate as our thoughts create our reality.

Well, sure enough, the Universe played a cosmic joke on me and confronted me with much more to let go of …

Let go of the place I had called home for the past nearly ten years?


Let go of the car I had been buzzing around in for the past four years?


Let go of most of the furniture I had accumulated in this space over the past five years?

IMG_9284Yes yes and yes yes yes.

I let go of all of the above plus more.

I moved to a new home in which there was very limited closet space. I let go of lots of clothes, shoes, jewelry, stuff.

Since the move was not planned for but was instigated by problems in the old home, we had to move swiftly out of our old space and find a new place to live. I chose not to focus on the reasons why but instead focused on what God/Universe wanted to bring into my life – new beginnings, new city, new views.

This is all about change and sometimes it doesn’t immediately make sense nor do you have to figure it all out.  Instead, try seeking the blessings behind the change, learn from the experience and move on with the insights and blessings.  

I had always wanted to live in a Big City such as New York or Tokyo or San Francisco, and sure enough, the Universe conspired to move me to such a place.

We were going to live everywhere and anywhere in between the ocean and the city, and we kept on following the flow of energy. I kept on looking east, and east is where I felt the buzz.

Now I know why.


Downtown construction activity is the highest in nearly 100 years. New buildings, both residential and commercial, are being built left and right. Old buildings are being renovated. Just count the cranes around me. 


Even in the past five months since our move to Downtown Los Angeles, the streets feel different. I was tripping out when recently – biking from South Park near the Financial District and Fashion District to the Arts District – I noticed the ice cream truck where we had gone to get our favorite Salt & Straw ice cream was now a storefront with a line out the door. 



Does change happen this quickly?

Yes yes and yes.

As you know from my prior post, the change that was thrust upon me and that I willingly chose was fast, furious and fun.

Had the ride not been so all-engulfing, I would have had time to think, pause, reflect: Should we change? Should I make this change? Should we change where we are living? Where should we make the change?

But because my soul chose to pick this rapid-fire approach to change, I changed from the inside out everything about how I was living, where I was  living and what this living was all about.

Just the other day, I ran into another person who had just moved out of the area in Santa Monica I lovingly called our “bubble,” and she asked, “Do you miss it?”

I blurted out, “No.”

I know that the Universe/God masterminded the miracles for me, and caused the move to activate CHANGE to get to this “Yes, I love it here…”

I don’t know why but in my upcoming posts, I will share the Love with you and you’ll perhaps know and understand why.

Sometimes, though, can’t we simply know and feel that we Love, Love, Love something without having to explain it?

I just feel it in my heart. I just know.  I love it. I love my life!





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