fall changes.

Fall. Change is in the air. Harvest time. Shedding time.

Last day of November.

What were some to-do’s you haven’t yet done yet?

It’s never too late.

C’mon, there are still 31 days left in 2015!!!! Let’s focus on each and every single day, one day at a time, and see what more you can do or be in this remaining year!

Miracles can happen just like that, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. A decision is made. An intention is set. A commitment is made. 31 days to make the most of the remaining days of this amazing year!

Why not start with just ONE to-do, and see what happens if you take one action step every single day towards the achievement of that goal, vision, project?

Don’t make it so complicated. Don’t talk yourself out of it and say it’s too hard. Just start with only one.

Here are some ideas:

1. Body care. Start walking. Start jumping jacks. Start stretching. Start dry brushing. Start yoga.
2. Self care. Start meditating. Start waking up five minutes earlier to pray. Start eating kale.
3. Organize. Start creating homes in your household for all toy trucks, rubber bands, canned goods. Start with one item and gather all of the same “like items” into one place.
4. Declutter. Rather than organize first, see what your attention is drawn to. Start letting go of three items a day you truthfully haven’t used in this past year. Start a “give away” box or bag.
5. Give away. Start giving away stuff you truthfully haven’t used that you know somebody may get JOY out of having or using.

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