your unique self.

Admire the beauty of each unique creation of nature, like your unique self.

You were created perfect as is. You came into this world with “no stuff” & nothing but your breath.

You will leave here with “no stuff” taking your last breath.

So while you’re here, why not embrace fully who you are … the magnificence of you called … “I AM…”

Who are you? Live your I AM today. 

There’s nothing more you need to do or be or buy or acquire or consume to be more of you or your I AM.

If you can’t see that truth, today I dare you to let go of what’s standing in the way of seeing the magnificence of who you truly are and your “I AM.”

I dare you to examine the clutter on the outside & inside that is preventing you from honoring, living, and breathing the TruthLoveMeaningPurpose of who you truly are and your “I AM.”

Get behind your clutter today and let it go with love & faith, trusting you are enough as is & you are (your I AM) without all this stuff. 

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