the sun is shining.

Believe. The sun is always shining behind the clouds.

The earth is circling around the sun so every year you’ve traveled around the sun once. 🌞🌎

Pretty remarkable, huh?

What do you see, feel, believe, trust and have faith in when you travel everyday around the sun?

Clouds? ☁️ Sunshine? ☀️ Rain? 💦Rainbows? 🌈 Love? 💗Miracles? ✨Dreams coming true? 👑 Happily ever after? 💕✨🎉🍀

People used to make fun of me calling me Pollyanna 😍 because of my optimism and always seeing the glass as half full. But now that I’m kinda sorta all grown up, I still choose to continue believing in fairy tales, miracles, and magic 🌠 over pessimism, darkness and blahness 🌑

It’s okay to feel blah but don’t get stuck there. 😁 Continue believing that your life can get better and better every single day and your dreams can come true¬†🎁

Choose today to see beyond the illusion and puffery of the clouds. Believe. 🌌

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