surround yourself. smile.

Surround yourself with stuff that brings a smile to your face!

I don’t know how & when I first met @hellokitty but I’m so grateful for my BFF I’ve been quite intimate with for a long time.

She brings such joy to my everyday life whether I see her on my charm bracelet, pens, pencils, hair barrette or even a computer screen cleaner.

She crosses all boundaries & connects us all with her unique style!

The only time I had to let go of one Hello Kitty stuffed animal was when it reminded me of the time I had sniffed away my tears from a broken relationship.

Every time I looked at her, she was a constant reminder of those challenging, sad times. 

Sometimes it’s time to let go of those seemingly negative reminders & surround yourself with positive reminders.

Only you know the difference, though. You know. 

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