still growing up.

So happy to share a Santa Monica sunset with my mom and nieces!

Think back to when you were a child and there are certain traditions/rituals you recall; I’m almost positive that my brothers and I have different memories that stand out in our minds and live on in our hearts forever of family rituals, traditions and get-togethers!

For me, this totally reveals my love for fashion/clothes BUT I always remember being so excited about back-to-school shopping in August for four brand-new outfits and matching shoes!

Since I know how powerful these ‘memories formed’ become later in life, I decided to start my own rituals/traditions with my nieces … and have tried to get together with them over summers to explore, shop, walk, talk, just hang out …

This past weekend, we spent nearly twelve hours together in Santa Monica—shopping on Montana Avenue and at the Promenade for their new school adventures, sipping a cappuccino at the local café, touring the different eclectic areas of SM. We walked more than eight miles (!!!) – and the grandma/my mother was probably the least exhausted of us all! We shopped until we dropped while completing their outfits including jewelry, shoes, tops, undergarments, pants— and we even all got matching comfy t-shirt dresses, the new craze!

OMG we ended up at the pier and they convinced me to ride the Serpent in which I got soooooooooo dizzingly nauseous yet it gave them a hearty laugh watching me scream my lungs out! As my niece commented, “Some things never change…” (meaning their Aunty June being a kid & screaming the loudest!!!)

I’m so lucky to get to experience the glory of growing-up again through my nieces’ eyes, and appreciate the unique beauty of three generations …

Still growing, still growing up, still evolving.

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