Broken things. Does the broken stuff in our life go deeper and remind us of what else is broken?

I believe, yes.

With every broken item that is not completely fixed or repaired to its intended state, the seemingly almost-there, nearly-there, “just-ok” nature permeates the environment.

Just now, my brand new shiny toilet brush sitting in the bathroom was used to clean my toilet after my morning ritual. The new shiny toilet brush on the surface stopped being brand new and shiny when the handle fell off immediately after I purchased the toilet brush. Yes, it was shiny on the surface, and from far away, looked gorgeous in the silver bathroom.  However, every time I went to use it, probably only three times since purchase, the broken handle which I couldn’t easily fix reminded me of the other unfinished business in my life.

The swirl of energy that sweeps me up into an endless barrage of unfinished to-do’s that are not done—yet—or even today. The stuff and tasks that are building up in my consciousness, creating an explosion of noise and a traffic jam, preventing me from accessing my superconscious, the genius within.

Even all the genius juice in the world can’t fix the cluttered up pathways that immediately inundated my beingness—with a quick, short, seemingly innocent trip to the bathroom on this glorious morning at the beach.

Just one. Just one. Just one.

It’s only one item that is not working in my amazing life, but it’s also that one thing that stopped me in my tracks and took me off my zen-flow path to remind me to do one of a few things:

-return the broken toilet brush that broke the first time I used it

-throw the broken toilet brush away

-buy another toilet brush

Can it be that simple? Making one decision out of the three above, and suddenly, I’m on a different course, where pathways are free & clear, nothing impeding my next steps and a sense of hope and aliveness coursing through my veins.

Yes, yes and yes!!!

Of course, nowadays, I think sometimes these things happen—to me—to play a cosmic joke on me so I can share the blessings behind the clutter—and seems it has happened more often since I publicly shared what’s behind my clutter in my recently published book.

No matter. Whether to be shared with you or not, I’m letting go of the toilet brush-ASAP-and stopping this attack on the peaceful flow of energy created with stuff that is of my TruthLoveMeaningPurpose.

The broken toilet brush also reminded me to let go of my Simplehuman trash can, on which the lid doesn’t quite fit anymore. No more lamenting as I am grateful to both the toilet brush and trash can which I’ve possessed for a while. These items served their purposes until now, and now that I have time to research and purchase a real brand new shiny toilet brush and trash can, let me do that now, and throw those away with love & faith.

Love the journey they took me on and the lessons I learned. Love the purpose that these items served for me, even for a season. Love the meaning that it has brought to me of how important it is to let go of anything that cannot be repaired and released into the Universe to be born anew, recycled.

Faith that there will be another toilet brush that will better suit my rough ways and it will love living in my bathroom. Faith that there will be another trash can better suited for my bathroom now. Faith that none of these items are really me and should only be an extension of me, and faith that God is taking care of all my needs and concerns, even the seemingly insignificant item or need of a toilet brush or trash can.

Reminders of other broken items in my life? The three orchids placed haphazardly into my orchid container need to be properly and permanently set in the container to glorify my space. The cords underneath the desk that were taken apart need to be neatly tied again so I don’t see them when I walk into the space. The new computer needs a new home, and is it the first thing I want to see in the space when I walk in? The rusty legs of the outdoor patio furniture? Can these be polished?

So the toilet brush and throwing that away, and purchasing another reminded me to buy a new trash can, which reminded me to look around my space and ask myself, “What else needs to be fixed completely and taken to its full completion?”

Don’t let the ever-building list of to-do’s overwhelm you. Have a system to put it onto the page to be handled, managed, and crossed-off. Don’t go on and on about the gazillion items that are incomplete.

Today, just take care of one item on your list, and you’ll marvel at the amount of energy that one to-do crossed off your list will give to you so you can handle just another, one more to-do.

Only one at a time.

Do. It. Now. Today. Only. One.

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