Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

On this day that’s about love, let’s not just remember the people we love but let’s also remember all the things we love that we have in our life … is it the cozy sweater you bought with your first paycheck … or the pressed flower that’s a token of your first date with your ex-boyfriend … or is it the stuffed animal your friend won for you at the carnival … or is the napkin you shed your tears into when you were proposed to … or is it the succulent you recently received from your significant other … or is it the pouch your mom sewed for you when you were a kid?

Love comes in all shapes and forms. Perhaps you hold on to these things because it reminds you of the love you have in your life, or the times when you felt loved.

Whether big or small, no one but YOU knows what is truly important to you and why you LOVE something or somebody. Let’s count the ways LOVE shows up in your life. Let’s focus on all the ways you are LOVED by someone, whether it’s a co-worker, boss, or friend you sit next to on the bus. Let’s remember all the ways you can demonstrate your special feelings to that special someone you love.

LOVE is a powerful four-letter word that can transform a space, life, and home.

Today, remember all the LOVE that you’ve had in your life over the years. Remember, how #justone act of love or #justone expression of love transformed the way you saw yourself and changed your life. Today, express LOVE to that person, place or thing who doesn’t know you love them. It can radically change yours and their life forever. By doing so, you’re also letting go of something you’ve held on to for a long time that perhaps cluttered you up, and you’re freeing up more space in your heart to receive love.

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