love yourself. exactly as you are.

I always need to take a break after sand walking workout! But I can’t get comfy on the rocks! Oh well …. I’m getting my vitamin D!

Speaking of which, I’ve been trying to get my 20 minutes daily naturally without having to take a supplement.

Years ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead without a beloved spray tan (let alone share this with you all!). It’s funny this whole tanning “thingie” :::: When I was growing up, that’s all we would do. Go to the beach, body surf and lay out … just for fun.

Now all I want to do is cover up & protect my natural color, the color I was born with. 

I’ve learned to accept that who I am, the woman/child/baby I was born to be, is perfect as is … nothing more I need to add or subtract to become more of who I am. 

So with the lessons learned, I teach this as well, hopefully helping women, men, children & teens to become more of who they are.

Acceptance of exactly who we each are leads to tolerance and compassion for all beings.

Today love yourself exactly as you are. You are enough.

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