Let go of the hater inside of you. Create space for self-love, compassion, kindness. Be kind & gentle to yourself today. You’re doing the best you can.

Stop the negative self-talk because it’s smothering your heart from seeing the light & the glory of who you truly are … And it’s preventing you from growing. Sometimes you don’t expect things to happen like the way they do so all you can do is take away the lessons from that experience, event or relationship.

Self-assessment, self-inventory, self-actualization is the key to moving forward with positive progression.

Change what’s not working.

And, if you err again, stumble or fall all the way down, it’s okay. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up again for falling down–again. 

Get back up–again.

This time, do something differently. Love yourself even though you have fallen. Extend compassion & kindness to yourself.

Put a love band-aid on, hug yourself, pause and ask what the message is behind the fall. That’s doing the best you can for now.

*Inspired by a coaching session to help one release self-loathing to create space for self-love.

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