Summer is officially here! 😎

Ever since I was little, I loved going to the beach! I would beg my parents to go, and sometimes we would go even if it was late like 3pm after summer school!

Now that I’m all grown up, well kinda sorta, and have my own biz, I realize that I don’t have to follow rules like wait until the end of a work day to go to the beach.   Love the freedom and independence of being a writer / entrepreneur so I can set my own schedule and work whenever, wherever I want!  That also means that I can wear whatever I want too!

Of course, when I was working in the corporate world, I would have to get dressed up to be office appropriate.

And, then of course I created my business where I was consulting with businesses and going into these very official settings.

And, then, I consulted political officials and/or CEO’s or business owners on not just their business systems, spaces, stuff, human resources, but I would also get involved in fashion styling and designing office spaces.

What it all comes down to is its all about choices and preferences.

What is your brand?

What is the culture of your brand/business?

Do your choices and preferences reflect the image, culture, and essence of your brand?

It does matter.

Every single choice from what you wear in the morning to what you decide to eat, and what you choose to think matters.
All these choices make up the sum total of who you are and how you are living, day to day.

What do you choose today?

Today I chose to wear a bikini under my summer fun attire to welcome summer, and get into the spirit of summer. To remind myself of how lucky I am that I can run my business and write in whatever that pleases me.

I have a choice.

And, lucky me. 🙏 Be grateful for your life and the choices you are making, moment to moment.

All of life is a choice. ✨🎁💕 

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