acts of creation.

Acts of Creation.

Setting up my desk and clearing everything off except essentials needed for the next activity is a sacred act for whatever “creation” wants to be born in this present moment.

I could wax poetic about how joyous this experience is every single time I do this.

See my fountain pens, butterfly stamp, blank white paper, journal and crystal quartz talisman?

All this is organized behind closed doors until I need it.

Unpacking my special writing tools onto a clear surface is an important ritual for me to get into the proper frame of mind to write. It’s my invitation to the creative angels who are waiting to join me to express whatever divine message wants to be born onto the page.

Whether it’s writing, journaling, painting, studying, working, or playing, I encourage you to honor your activities by creating special rituals for your sacred acts of creation. Pay proper homage to your present moment activity, doingness or beingness.

Creatives may rebel by saying why can’t stuff be messy to create? Well, yes, I suppose you can create in chaos … if that’s what you choose.

But having been disorganized, messy, chaotic, and losing stuff all the time versus having been organized, clutter-free, and being able to find whatever I need at my fingertips when I need it, I have to admit that I personally prefer the latter.

I love, love, love the feeling when there’s clear, wide open and expansive spaces for me to create.

My creative muse is the blankness.

I sit with emptiness, nothingness and stillness, and from that simple and still place, I can hear the whispers of something. And, from there, something magnificent is born.

Choose blank canvases to write, draw, paint, be creative, or for something new to be born from the beautiful blankness.

Create your own rituals & blank spaces today for creativity, productivity, or just peace.

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