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Do those pictures represent that dream of a log cabin I want to build someday?

Are those Barbies holding an idealized version of me with blonde hair & an hourglass figure that I want to have one day?

Do those Brides magazine clippings contain my dreams of wanting to be married again someday?

Does that journal carry my stories I want to publish someday?

Is that hope chest filled with hope of a life I want to live today?

Someday. One day. Today.

If you look closely enough, your stuff will tell you the story of your hopes, dreams, desires, passions.

Today, let go of dashed dreams and hopes, and stuff connected to it. And, create space for the dreams of today to manifest in your life.

Don’t let the stuff of yesterday crowd out & suffocate, preventing the dreams of today from breathing and taking shape in your life now.

Believe. Hope. Dream.

Keep believing in your dream and don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. You know what lies within your heart. You know what lies behind your stuff. You know.

Get all the inspiration you need for #MondayMotivation to declutter, let go of clutter both externally & internally, and finally, once & for all, get  Behind The Clutter to unveil your unique Truth.Love.Meaning.Purpose. today so you can lead a life you love, love, love! 


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