stumble upon.

Don’t you just love when you’re looking for something and life presents it to you as a gift when you seemingly “stumble” upon it?

It could be a person, place or thing!

When it happens, you know that Universe-God always has your back and in fact, the Universe is always conspiring to give you your hearts desires. So that’s why it’s so important to “do our work-play” to keep our heart-mind in right place and set clear intentions in every moment so the magic and miracles can happen!

That’s what happened on my last night of this miracle-filled road trip! We were hungry and kept driving hoping to stumble upon some place for a healthy meal to seal our celebratory & wonderful love-filled weekend!  Speeding down Highway 1 with my eyes planted on the splendid ocean to the right, something nudged me to look suddenly to the left.

An unassuming wooden building caught my eye.

Quickly I exclaimed to Mr M while driving at 70mph, Go there!

So without missing a beat, he quickly makes an U-turn into the driveway!

The market was closed, darn! Yay there’s bathrooms, ok perhaps that’s why we’re here, clean bathrooms. Yet I saw the carefully pruned vegetable garden with a giant cabbage, and this sign that said “…simplicity…” And another sign, “off the beaten path” – what we always do when we are traveling together which prompted my next question: Should we take a quick peak at the menu upstairs?

So we followed subtle yet powerful intuitive leads … and voila, we couldn’t have planned our last night’s dinner better! The restaurant had just opened one month ago! Organic? Yes! Locally sourced? Yes! Consciously prepared meal? Yes! Positive vibes? Yes! Romantic? Yes! Best corner window ocean view on velvet couch? Yes! Gluten-free tacos? Yes! Kale salad? Yes!

Yes yes yes, a wonderful time at Centrally Grown!

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