just because … you feel like it.

Does it always have to make sense? No.

Your heart has a language all its own with its own music, language, alphabet, sounds, voices, beats, rhythm.

Your heart is unlike any other heart in this world.

Your heart is what makes you who you are.

Your heart is turned on and beats faster when you see something or experience something you love, love, love!

And, the person standing next to you could care less.

So what? We’re talking about your heart & your life, not somebody else’s.

So today, if you’re making a choice, follow your heart – for a change.

Just say YES to what makes your heart pitter patter and FEELS great.

Say YES YES YES to your heart today. Just because … your HEART feels like it.

Declutter the clutter of shoulds & let go to create a life of love. 

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