creative tools.

Creative tools.

We all need them! Whatever it takes to ignite your creative hearth and rev up your productivity engine, just do it.

For some it may be clearing your desktops and keeping clear surfaces for clarity and inspiration.

Today I cleared my tool box of dried-up writing instruments and created space for my favorite Lamy and Pilot writing tools and inks.

There’s nothing worse than wading through stuff to find a pen to write fluidly especially when those brilliant ideas are pouring in. Or when I want to remember that passage from the Steve Jobs book I’m reading, I want a highlighter that is brighter than bright yellow, fresh, and not streaky or scratchy.

Stuff that flows equates to creativity output flows equates to life flows.

Honor your own unique perspective of what is calling for your love and attention so you can be more in the productivity and creativity flow.

Let go of stuff that is tired, no longer works, feels dead and lifeless, stuff that doesn’t flow!

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