crack your heart wide open.

Today is the day that you can choose to let go of any hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, envy today.

Declutter your heart.

Let go of the clutter in your heart today.

Just do it.

Do whatever it takes to let go.

Write a letter expressing the truth of your heart and burn it in a sacred act of releasing your “stuff” that’s bringing you down into the Universe for your heart to be healed. Then, crack your heart wide open and leave it cracked wide open in the cracked wide-open position …. FOREVER.

Love is the only way.

Love conquers all.

Share all parts of your beautiful cracked-wide-open heart today.

Let even more LOVE seep into the cracked places of your heart.

Love is contagious and grow from there.


P.S.: see page 329 in Behind The Clutter: Truth.Love.Meaning.Purpose. for a short story on how I cracked my heart wide open.

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